More cover talk

Say hello to the laundry ladies again!

IMG_5986After finishing North and South, I felt the strong need to have another Elizabeth Gaskell book present in the house, even though I have a couple of things to read first. Instead of Wives and Daughters, with its whopping 600+ pages, I chose Mary Barton. (Wives and Daughters will still happen though).

Anyway, guess who is on the cover? My old friends!

Except this time, it shows a full and complete picture that makes a lot more sense. The cover does not just depict the women out of context; they are placed within the factory town setting. Plus, this book focuses more on the workers (I think, haven’t read it yet) so it just makes more sense attached here in general.

I’m starting to feel like I know these ladies. Maybe I will name them. Good, sensible British names. One is definitely Mary.

Or maybe its some weird Twilight-Zone thing where they will show up on every cover of every book I buy from now on.

Or maybe this zero-degree weather and resultant cabin fever is starting to drive me a bit crazy. Probably this.


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One response to “More cover talk

  1. One should be Jane. Susan? I can’t believe that they are on the cover again, that’s hilarious. The universe is messing with you.

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